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About Nature's Luxury

Luxurious hand knitting yarn, accessories and design

Nature is filled with treasures. Through knowledge and skill, these gifts become little luxuries. We are privileged to create with the beauty, the richness and the variety, it has to offer. Our entire activity is devoted to bringing these treasures to you - NATURE'S LUXURY was born.

All our hand knitting yarns are made of natural materials. Some are produced traditionally; some organically, emphasising on the preservation of the environment and nature's balance. Others put the importance on fair trade, helping minority groups earn a decent income. The hand painted collection will open up a universe of colours to you.
We specialise in rare and precious animal fibres, such as QIVIUK, BISON, GUANACO, CAMEL, CASHMERE and many more.
We present to you a selection of exclusive accessories, which will make everyday life a bit more enjoyable.

It is our goal to bring only the very best to you. We invite you to discover the world of NATURE'S LUXURY.