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  • With our mini-skein yarn tree, we would like to wish all of you Happy Easter! :-)

    Join into the fun at our A BIT DIFFERENT EASTER-EGG-HUNT until Tuesday 22nd April, 2014!
    To participate and for detailed information, we invite you to register and sign up for our newsletter. (click on photo)
  • FAROUCHE - is French, meaning wild, untamed.
    Even though this exquisite yarn distinguishes itself by its softness and its brilliance, the name expresses perfectly the very special flair surrounding this blend - a connection of mysterious, gleaming silk with the finest baby camel from the endless steppes of Mongolia.
    Carefully and lovingly hand-dyed in the ateliers of Nature's Luxury, FAROUCHE presents itself in a beautiful colour palette of remarkable depth.
    Pure knitting pleasure and wonderful wearing comfort lie ahead you!

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