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  • FAROUCHE - is French, meaning wild, untamed.
    Even though this exquisite yarn distinguishes itself by its softness and its brilliance, the name expresses perfectly the very special flair surrounding this blend - a connection of mysterious, gleaming silk with the finest baby camel from the endless steppes of Mongolia.
    Carefully and lovingly hand-dyed in the ateliers of Nature's Luxury, FAROUCHE presents itself in a beautiful colour palette of remarkable depth.
    Pure knitting pleasure and wonderful wearing comfort lie ahead you!
  • Back in our shop are the high quality spinning wheels from the US-based company Schacht. Remarkable craftsmanship combined with easy handling, great functionality and a quiet, fluid spinning motion, are the reasons why we love these wonderful wheels. The classic LADYBUG along with the foldable spinning wheel SIDEKICK, ideal for travelling, are here again.
    In addition, several spinning accessories are available.

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