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  • Summer is here!
    Make yourself light and breezy designs with these yarns from Habu, both of them with linen.
    One is out of 100 % linen, the other out of 83% linen and 17% stainless steel.
    The latter, is a very surprising material and offers magical possibilities... Your designs in three dimensions! With both yarns, you will discover an elegant sheen with a translucent effect. The linen softens up so nicely by only handling it. A pleasure to work with and new perspectives to give free reins to your imagination!
  • Especially for the launch of ON STAGE, ÅSA TRICOSA has created her elegant design THE A-SIDE, which we proudly present in our exclusive kit.

    The hand-dyed ON STAGE is a luxurious, harmonious blend out of the finest merino wool, silk and baby camel. Together with the experts of the spinning mill, we have created our exclusive yarn. The merino wool provides elasticity and volume, the silk a wonderful sheen and the baby camel cares for the intense colours and the special touch. Everything together makes an incredibly soft yarn, very easy to work with and displaying a fantastic stitch definition.

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