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Kit Staycation - Peplum - Nature's Luxury featuring Susanne Sommer

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  • 6, 7, 8, 1 a 5
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Dans ce kit, les instuctions en vous sont offertes, et vous y retrouverez les éléments suivants:

La Parisienne

Couleur : Marché Grenelle

Nombre de produit(s): 2

Cette couleur est pour l'instant indisponible

La Parisienne

Couleur : Pigalle

Nombre de produit(s): 1

Silk Divine

Couleur : Raspberry Béret

Nombre de produit(s): 1

95,45 €
100,60 USD
Ref: STCT-TN-KIT-1-5
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When the Corona virus struck the world in the spring of 2020 and the lockdown banished us to our homes, Susanne Sommer designed the Stay At Home shawl for Nature's Luxury. This lovely shawl brought comfort to many knitters.

Back then, we had to stay at home – now the pretty Staycation top that Susanne has designed for us is for those who want to stay at home this summer and pass their time knitting!

“I chose ‘Staycation’, a combination of Stay and Vacation, for its name because it's a nice contrast to the not-so-voluntary Stay at Home, when you enjoy and intentionally spend your time at home or in your near surroundings, Susanne explains and adds ... and because I'm also a bit of a homebody...”

Staycation is a light sleeveless top that comes in two versions: a peplum and a short crop top. As often in Susanne's designs, it is knitted sideways, from one side to the other. Simple slip stitches create textured horizontal stripes.

The peplum version has a skirt part/peplum in a second colour of La Parisienne and additional stripes in Silk Divine.

Susanne’s Peplum is knitted in La Parisienne in the colours Marché Grenelle (colour A) and Pigalle (colour C) and Silk Divine in the colour Raspberry Béret (colour B).

The Crop Top is knitted in one colour of La Parisienne by Nature's Luxury. You can find the Crop Top kits here.

Sizes 1 (2, 3, 4)[5, 6, 7, 8]

Finished bust:
84 (96, 108, 118)[129, 139, 149, 160] cm / 33 (37 ¾, 42 ½, 46 ½)[50 ¾, 54 ¾, 58 ¾, 63]″; incl. 3 (5, 6, 6)[7, 7, 7, 8] cm / 1 ¼ (2, 2 ¼, 2 ¼)[2 ¾, 2 ¾, 2 ¾, 3 ¼]″ of positive ease.

Yarns & Co.
Nature’s Luxury LA PARISIENNE, 100% Merino cablé, hand-dyed, 460 m (503 yds)/100 g
Nature’s Luxury SILK DIVINE, 60% Mohair, 40% Silk, hand-dyed, 240 m (262 yds)/20 g

For the peplum:
2 (2, 2, 2)[2, 2, 3, 3] skeins LA PARISIENNE in colour A
1 (1, 1, 1)[1, 2, 2, 2] skein(s) LA PARISIENNE in colour C
1 (1, 1, 1)[1, 1, 1, 1] skein SILK DIVINE in colour B in colours of your choice.

The kit includes the yarn, without supplies. Nature's Luxury offers you the instructions. They will be sent in a separate email via Ravelry with the link to download the PDF file.

Instructions available in English and German.

Please allow approx. 5 days until shipping.

The individual pattern for Staycation is available in Susanne’s Ravelry store:
Susanne Sommer - Ravelry store

Photos by ©Susanne Sommer & ©Nature's Luxury