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Kit Grey Space Pullover in Colour - Nature's Luxury featuring Tif Neilan - tif handknits

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Dans ce kit, les instuctions en ne sont pas incluse, et vous y retrouverez UNIQUEMENT les éléments suivants:

Homey Colour

Couleur : Rusty

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Cette couleur est pour l'instant indisponible

Homey Colour

Couleur : Zimtstärn

Nombre de produit(s): 2

Silk Divine

Couleur : Sea Turtle

Nombre de produit(s): 2

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After the release of the gorgeous new design Grey Space Pullover by Tif Neilan Handknits, originally designed with Homey Nature, Tif suggested that it would be fun to set up some kits with Homey Colour and Silk Divine.

So here we go!
The first combination she put together is Homey Colour in Rusty and Zimtstärn with Silk Divine in Sea Turtle, but there are countless possibilities for you to play with.

Grey Space is a top down, circular yoke sweater, featuring a textured funnel neck collar, a slightly deep yoke and a perfectly oversized fit. The combination of the two yarns gives this sweater has a rustic yet refined feel. This pullover is finished with a hi-lo “tulip” hem and is designed to include extra-long sleeves with optional thumb holes!

Knitted with big needles, this cosy sweater is finished in no time.

Grey Space Pullover has definitely an addictive touch!

Yarns & Co.
2(2,2,3,3)(3,3,4,5) skeins in Nature's Luxury HOMEY COLOUR (MC), hand-dyed, 100% German Merino, approx. 215m/100g, in a colour of your choice
2(2,3,3,3)(3,4,4,4) skeins in Nature's Luxury HOMEY COLOUR (CC1), hand-dyed, 100% German Merino, approx. 215m/100g, in a colour of your choice
2(2,2,3,3)(3,3,3,4) skeins in Nature's Luxury SILK DIVINE (CC2), hand-dyed, 60% Kid Mohair, approx. 240m/20g, in a colour of your choice

Sizes: XS (S,M,L,XL)(2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL)

Tif's original Grey Space Pullover is shown in Homey Nature Dark Grey (MC) & Medium Grey (CC1) and Silk Divine in Wedding Bells (CC2).
Our interpretation is knitted in Homey Nature Dark Brown (MC) & Medium Brown (CC1) and Silk Divine in Raspberry Béret (CC2).

The kit includes the yarn and pattern (PDF-file). Supplies are not included.

For patterns alone, got to: Tif Neilan - tif handknits - Ravelry store